Profiled Paths

Paths of the Righteous features eight diverse non-Jewish leaders who in their own inspiring way have stood up and spoken out for Israel and the Jewish people.

Chloe Valdary

Philosophical and entrepreneurial, she breaks down barriers and stereotypes.

Dragan Primorac

As a medical doctor, he helped his country uncover its past and, in the process, form a new unbreakable alliance.

Joan Ryan

Knowing it could very well end her career, she recommits to values instilled in her as a child and does not back down to a bully. 

Markus Stoetzel

Conversations with his grandfather painted a future fighting for justice he could have never imagined.

Father Patrick Desbois

Guided by his faith, he not only travels far from home, but also back in time. 

Olga Meshoe Washington

Knowing full well the meaning of apartheid, Olga will not let anyone redefine it.

Gloria Garces

From a spiritual tight knit family, Gloria dreamt of Jerusalem. 

Aston Bright

Redefining “summer vacation” by fighting fires a world away.